L.E.D. Pen Light

$12.00 Retail Price

Inspection Pen Light

This is the perfect little pen light to carry in your shirt or pant pocket.  Clip it on the bill of your cap and now your just like "Data" from the movie "Goonies".  

This little light has become the favorite when you need a quick peek-a-boo at something but don’t wanna drag out a big light.

Great for: stocking gifts, I love you's, Just because's, "I need one of those" or one up'in your boys and my all-time favorite "blinding a street mugger, poking him in his eye and then running away safely".

Requires: (2) AAA batteries, (not included)

Disclaimer:  None of this jibber jabber has been scientifically proven except for the battery part and where I said this is the perfect little light to carry in your pocket.

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