K3534-2 Lincoln Vantage® 549X Deutz® (T4F Compliant)

$22,655.00 Retail Price

K3534-2 Welding Machine

$22,655.00 Alumareel Price
$29,095.00 MSRP

Features and Benefits

Power Without Boundaries

The Vantage 549X is a powerful welder/generator that packs 525 amps of IEC rated welding output and 19 kW of auxiliary power into a single machine, while meeting all state and federal non-road diesel engine emissions regulations. Housing a compliant 49.4 horsepower engine, the machine can be moved freely across state lines without the burden of extra compliance fees. Coupled with a dependable design, the durable Vantage 549X can handle an extensive range of jobs from heavy-duty carbon arc gouging to advanced pulse welding. Now better than ever, the machine features CrossLinc® Technology to provide welders with greater control at the arc to help improve safety, productivity, and weld quality. Choose this machine to handle your next job!

Product Highlights

Multifunction Machine

  • Welder - IEC rated at 525 amps of welding current to tackle numerous welding and carbon arc gouging applications
  • Generator – 19 kW of continuous three phase power to run industrial tools such as plasma cutters, pumps, or inverter welders

CrossLinc® Enabled¹

  • Allows communication through a standard weld cable to enable voltage or current control at the arc without a control cable
  • Helps to improve safety, quality, and productivity with less trips to the power source and reduced jobsite clutter
  • Utilizes True Voltage Technology™ (TVT) to compensate for voltage drop to further improve operations

Multi-Process Welding

  • Select one of five basic process modes including CC-Stick, Downhill Pipe, DC Touch Start TIG®, CV-Wire, or Arc Gouging mode, which maximizes output for up to 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) carbon rods

Advanced Arc Performance

  • Expanded welding capabilities with customized modes for stainless, aluminum, and steel as well as advanced SAW and orbital pipe modes²
  • Pulse welding capability for better arc control in out-of-position work and low heat input for critical welds²
  • Enhanced gouging performance prevents the engine from stalling, resulting in smooth material removal
  • Minimized spatter for stick or pipe welding

Reliable Operations

  • Lab tested, field proven ruggedness and durability
  • Engineered for outdoor use in the harshest environments
  • Encapsulated GFCIs, stainless steel paneling, and potted PC boards for added protection and increased reliability

Industrial Diesel Engine

  • 4 cylinder, 49.4 hp, turbocharged Deutz® diesel engine runs smooth and quiet
  • Standard engine gauges allow you to monitor performance at a glance
  • Tier 4 Final Compliant delivers a 90% reduction in particulate and nitrous oxide emissions
  • 25 gal. (94.6 L) fuel tank for longer running time

NET WEIGHT1662.00 (753.88 kg)

  • DIMENSIONS (H X W X L)42 in. x 32.9(3) x 69 in (1067 mm x 836 mm x 1753 mm)
  • RATED OUTPUT @ 104° (40°C)IEC Rating – 525A / 41V / 100%
    Max Rating – 575A / 38V / 60%
  • OUTPUT RANGECC-Stick: 30 – 575 Amps
    Downhill Pipe (CC): 40 –350 Amps
    Touch Start TIG: 20 – 350 Amps
    CV-Wire: 10 – 45 Volts
    Arc Gouging: 60 – 575 Amps

    Single Phase: 11 kW Continuous, 120/240V @ 60 Hz
    Three Phase: 19 kW Continuous, 240V @ 60 Hz

  • NEMA 5-20R (120V / 20A / 1~)
  • NEMA 14-50R (120/240V / 50A / 1~)
  • NEMA 15-50R (240V / 50A / 3~)
  • ENGINE MODELDeutz® TD2.9L4(4) EPA Tier 4 Final Compliant
  • ENGINE DESCRIPTION4 Cylinder 49.4 hp (49 kW) Turbocharged Water Cooled Diesel Engine
    (RPM) @ 49.4 HP

    High Idle: 1800, Low Idle: 1525

  • DISPLACEMENT178 cu. in (2.9 L)

  • Bore x Stroke - 3.62 in x 4.33 in (92 mm x 110 mm)

  • CAPACITIESFuel: 25 US gal (94.6 L)

  • Oil: 2.25 US gal (8.5 L)
  • Cooling System: 2.5 US gal (9.5 L)

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