Extension Cord Reels in Texas From AlumaReel

Keep your jobsite safe with an extension cord reel

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Having cords scattered all over your job site is a huge hazard. Tangled cords laying about are easy to trip over, which can potentially injure you and damage your equipment. The last thing is to hurt yourself or break an expensive piece of equipment because of tripped. These types of mistakes are easily preventable with the right equipment, which is why you need one of our extension cord reels in Texas.

Benefits of Reels
Having your extension cords lying about is not only dangerous, but it look unsightly and can waste your time. If you’re on a mobile job site, scattered cords looks really unprofessional. It also takes a lot of time to untangle and store the cords when you’re done. With one of our extension cord reels in Texas, you can easily store and use your cords in a safe, easy way. Our reels are designed to be easy to use and effective, so you can safely and easily store your cords. Our reels greatly reduce tripping hazards, so you can rest assured knowing your workplace is that much safer thanks to AlumaReel.

What Sets Our Reels Apart
Our extension cord reels in Texas are designed to last you a long time. We understand in Texas the weather can get harsh, and corrosion can be a big problem. Corrosion is especially an issue in the Gulf Coast region where seabreeze exposes your equipment to salt water. This is why we’ve designed an extension cord reel in Texas out of aluminum. Aluminum is proves to be highly resistant to corrosion, so no matter how harsh the weather is, your reel will last you a while. We made sure we weren’t sacrificing strength for rust resistance, which is another great thing about aluminum. It has a high strength to weight ratio, meaning even though its lightweight it’s still very tough. Our extension cord reels in Texas are designed to keep your job site a safe one, as well as resist corrosion. If you’re interested in one of our reels, contact AlumaReel today!