Who We Are

AlumaReel USA is a family-owned business, committed to bringing industry-leading products into the welding world since 2005. All of our welding products are proudly made in North America by the Hutterite community of Canada, and are far superior to any other products on the market. We offer top-level warranties and unmatched customer service with fast lead times on orders and custom projects.

What Makes Us Superior?

Precision and attention to detail. That’s it. AlumaReel USA’s unique manufacturing arrangement allows us to produce the highest quality reels and rigs without having to have the highest price. All of our products are produced with the finest precision equipment from superior materials, with top engineering. AlumaReel USA is the only company in the country to produce reels, skids and toolboxes as a single unit.

Highest Certifications Through QAI & UL for Our Electrical Products

We Have Stamped Engineering Designs

We are DOT Compliant

All Reel are Precision CNC Machines

Quick Installation that can be Done by One Person

Weather Resistant, Resisting Corrosive Substances Retaining Connectivity

Distribution & Dealer Partners with the Highest Level Welding Suppliers in the Country

Standard Load Capacities

Interchangeable Skid Components

Best Durability, Quality & Class Price

We are a Family Owned Business

Trusted Partners

AlumaReel USA is proud to partner with some of the best and most reputable companies in the welding industry. Our mutual support and innovative partnerships continue to push the limits for welders everywhere.

UL Certifications

Transform Your Welding Experience

AlumaReel USA is committed to bringing unprecedented convenience and quality into your welding world.

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