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Cross Country® 300 Engine Drive (Kubota®) Gray Painted Steel w/ Wireless Remote

K4166-2 Welding Machine

$16,000 Alumareel Price

$20,355 MSRP

Features and Benefits


When you’re in the cross-country pipeline welding business, your results are only as good as the arc quality, reliability and portability of your equipment. The Cross Country® 300 engine-driven welder gives you all three of these and more.

The Cross Country 300 keeps the operation simple with intuitive constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV) and TIG mode control. This enables the user to easily change over from stick to wire to TIG welding processes.

But the worker in the field sometimes needs more than just a welder. The Cross Country 300 gives you plenty of single and three phase AC generator power for grinders, pumps and trailers.
It all comes in a compact, lightweight package that will fit into any truck bed and give you plenty of visibility through the rear window.

It is All About the Arc

Out on the pipeline spread, your job depends on whether each and every weld passes inspection. The Cross Country 300 stick arc was tuned by pipeline welders for pipeline welders. That means puddle performance is excellent for root, fill and cap passes and designed for cellulosic or low hydrogen stick electrodes.

The Size is Right

On remote job sites, you have to carry everything with you. This puts space on your rig at a premium. The Cross Country 300 is the most compact engine-driven pipe welder in its class and easily fits on most trucks. That means you get a small footprint, short height for great visibility through the truck’s rear window and lower weight to go easier on your truck’s suspension.

Easy To Use

It’s easy to get started with the Cross Country 300. Dual continuous controls designed for pipeline welding help you tune the arc for the pipe, pass, position, conditions and more. Fewer controls improve simplicity and reliability. Service access for routine maintenance is easy, even on the truck, with sliding engine access doors on each side of the machine. Battery jumper studs are also conveniently located. Digital meters and dashboard gauges monitor key functions. The powder-coated steel enclosure and polished stainless steel exhaust stack will look great on your rig and will stand up to years of cross country travel. The new heavy-duty stainless steel case and rugged wired or wireless remotes add to the durability and utility of these welders.


When your project calls for wire or TIG welding, you’ll be ready. The Cross Country 300 supports DC stick, wire and TIG processes and easily connects to Lincoln Electric wire feeders. The powerful generator produces plenty of power for grinders, pumps and travel trailers – up to 11kW continuous three phase power. An engine block heater, standard equipment on the Cross Country 300, enables operation in cold weather environments.



DC Pipe Current: 300A/32V/100%

Range: 40 to 300 AMPS
DC Touch Start TIG®: 250A/30V/100%
Range: 20-250 Amps
DC Constant Voltage: 300A/32V/100% 350A/28V/100%

Range: 14-32 Volts Single Dial Continuous Control


Single Phase: 10kW Continuous
Three Phase: 11 kW Continuous


Kubota® V1505 EPA Tier 4 Final


22 HP @ 1800 RPM




31.9 in x 25.3 in x 56.0 in (810 mm x 643 mm x 1422 mm)


1034.00 (469.02 kg)

Key Controls

1. Ammeter
2. Output
3. Stop / (Low Idle/Run) / (High Idle/Run) Switch
4. Start Button
5. Glow Plug Push Button
6. Dash Board Gauge
7. 120 Volt Single Phase Ac Power
8. Volt Meter
9. Control
10. Weld Mode Selector Switch
11. 6-Pin Connector
12. 120/240 Volt Single Phase Ac Power
13. 240 Volt 3 Phase Ac Power
14. Weld Output Terminals With Flange Nut
14a. Work Lead For Cv Welding
14b. Work Lead For Stick And Tig
15. Ground Stud