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Manufacturing superior welding products for convenient & quick setup

AlumaReel offers live connection of power cables for direct wiring to a collector ring assembly, allowing continuous current as cable is played out or rewound. Cable reels deliver high quality internal wiring with continuous electrical brass contacts with PVC isolation. The direct crank rewind system allows for effortless cable rewinds and is supplied with a spring loaded locking pin which allows reels to be fully energized in the unlocked or locked position. All AlumaReel reels are built out of lightweight aluminum

Easy and quick wire and hose connections
Constructed to be solid, reliable and long lasting
No disassembling of reels for your connections
Spring loaded locking pins
Clear powder coat available
Reels are all tapped 1/2” coarse bolts for mounting


AlumaReel has long been serving the welding industry by providing the highest quality reels. The welding equipment market was ready for a product in which components are contained and resistant to corrosive substances. This superior product is built to withstand the elements. Along with a full line-up of reels, AlumaReel also offers ReelRig welding skids, toolboxes, remotes and theft protection devices. What began as a shop project in 2005 has developed into a full line of successful AlumaReel products.

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